UserCacheQuery -- stores a search result to the database using a user-defined SQL query



UserCacheQuery {SQL}


UserCacheQuery specifies an SQL query to be run with every found document, typically to store search results to the database. This helps to use mnoGoSearch as an external fulltext search solution together with your database driven application.

All query string variables are available in the query using ${varname} syntax. Additionally, individual ${url_id}, ${score}, ${rank}, ${total} variables are available for every document. ${score} contains score value multiplied by 1000, in integer format. ${rank} contains the order of a document, starting with 0. ${total} contains the total number of documents found.


UserCacheQuery "INSERT INTO ${my_table_name} (url_id,score,rank) VALUES (${url_id},${score},${rank})"

See also

HTDBAddr, HTDBDoc, HTDBList, ServerTable, the Section called Using mnoGoSearch as an external SQL full-text engine in Chapter 6.